Mrs. Washington

Posted on 03/16/2021

Hello my name is Mrs Washington. I am here to give my testimony of how Helping Hands of NC has helped me. In December of 2020 I was at a very dark time in my life. My financial situation was bad. I’m disabled and raising two teenagers on a SS check. Helping Hands came into my life and helped me tremendously. They purchased some much needed Appliances that I needed for daily function. They purchased a Refrigerator, Washer and Dryer. I was so Surprised and Grateful to this Organization. They told me they could help but they went above and beyond to help me. I will forever be Grateful and I Pray that this Organization much Success and Prosperity.The Love and Respect I received was amazing to know that there is help out here and people who really care about your well being. Again THANK YOU HELPING HANDS OF NC.